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The task of creating a brand that will attract European partners, presenting and creating the image of a leader in the market. After all, the company's processes were perfectly fine-tuned, and it was necessary to declare themselves.

Investigating, we noticed that the TerraLeads already different, because, unlike competitors, the company itself was responsible for all processes and products, starting from idea, production and delivery to the doors of the end user throughout Europe and Asia. Being a kind of center of responsibility for everything that produced and delivered. What made the company no longer the same as competing CPA networks that connected partners from one side and customers from another side and did not bear responsibility, such an intermediary who receives a commission for the service.

Then we decided that it was necessary to change the positioning completely, and stop considering yourself a CPA network, without being one of it. And created a new concept for the CPA business, this is CPA Partners Hub - as the responsibility center that provides quality assurance of goods and support in all partner languages, available 24/7, across Europe. CPA Partners Hub positioned as the first, the most technologically advanced by its processes, business in the niche of CPA Cash on Delivery.


The style based on chaotically arranged parallel straight lines, which creates a sense of flow and movement. Due to asymmetry and elongated geometric shapes, a sense of constant aspiration and forward movement achieved. It was precisely these feelings that we wanted to convey in order to form an image of a rapidly growing and technological brand that sharply differs from competitors and breaks stereotypes. It is very important that the sense of dynamics preserved even if there is no possibility to use animation, for example, on business cards. Especially for offline events, on which TerraLeads acts as a sponsor, we created a promo video that sets a sense of leadership, reliability, and manufacturability of the company. This video is used in conferences when the spokesman go to the stage. We recommend watch the video.

terra logo variations

We thought: "And who actually said that the company logo should be static and unchanged?". For TL, we have developed a logo that can transform and create new images depending on the context. The space for ideas is practically unlimited.

See how the symbol changes dynamically in the logo, while recognizability and overall style are preserved. As a result, simple, at first glance, forms in dynamics cease to seem simple.

terra logos

Various options for composition and colors of text part of the logo allows you to use it in any format.


Minimalistic visit card of company does not contain anything unnecessary. Company-issued pattern consisting of vertical lines printed using the varnish, making it noticeable only when exposed to light rays.

Artboard 6

For a variety of conferences, in which TL often represented as sponsor or representative, we have developed a series of stylish branded gifts.


The site also made in the company's minimalist style. The Home page of the site displays transactions all over the world, which performed through the TL service in real time.


The site built upon FullPage slides, each of which conveys only one specific idea or asks one specific question.


The company's website is built based on so-called "text bullets", each of which "beats" on solving one or another customer needs. A simple design complemented by beautiful animation, which makes the site stylish and dynamic.


As a program of loyalty and motivation of partners to earn more, we introduced the concept of t-coins. In addition to his profits, the partner receives a certain percentage of the earned amount in virtual money called t-coins, and later, using this inner currency he can purchase both a telephone and a car.


In the "Team" section, a site visitor can get to know people. We interviewed TerraLeads CEO, where he describes the company's main values, which can found on the site.


A beautiful presentation of the products produced by TL allows us to briefly familiarize ourselves with the proposals and make a decision towards working with CPA Hub.


After viewing the site, a visitor can join to the CPA Hub using a form that integrated with the system.


Especially for the conference in Berlin, the stand design was developed. At the stand, you could acquainted with the work of the company, talk with representatives, watch video clips.


In order for a partner that visited company stand take with him only the rational advantages of TerraLeads so that all WOW emotion is rationalized in his mind. In addition, branded leaflets allow you to quickly get acquainted with the work of the company and its benefits, and immediately ask questions of interest to the manager.

Artboard 12

We also developed a video with infographics, which describes the advantages of work and the established processes in the company.

Artboard 10

To attract the attention of partners to the new brand and personal acquaintance right before the official event CPAConf conference in Kiev. We decided to organize a Welcome Party for the partners, who come from different cities and countries, the purpose of which is to meet in person. We organized the party by taking on the creation of a thematic idea, choosing and branding the location, working with our event partner. In addition, to strengthen the idea of a private club, we held a party at the castle, where every guest feel like a member of a secret society. At the party, many partners calling and inviting their colleagues from CPA networks to join the celebration, which gave not only the propensity of already existing colleagues, but also the lead generation. After the polling on CPAConf, what best remembered, many said that the coolest thing on CPAConf was the TerraLeads Castle party.

Artboard 8
Artboard 9

Look how cool the party was. Note that, especially everyone liked panda masks.

Artboard 7

We organised a photo session of the TL team, so that the visitor of the site could see real and memorable people behind the brand - and, in such way, conduct an associative series.

Artboard 11

Real emotions of people in the photo form the trust and loyalty to the brand.